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We deliver with a conscience

What do we care about?

Old and new environment with Mackzan

Why is sustainability important?

Guardian of environment

"The concept of a sustainable environment goes hand in hand with the Māori value of Kaitiakitanga or 'guardianship'.
A 'kaitiaki' or a guardian diligently protects their lands, skies and waters. All of us have a responsbility to be a kaitiaki for our environment and planet."

On-demand deliveries kill the environment

Hurting the environment

How we offset carbon emissions

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Our Goals

Our technology aims to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40% when compared with traditional methods of on-demand delivery.

Delivering sustainably

We get you to schedule deliveries a couple of hours prior. This way, we can deliver household goods optimally by having lesser delivery vehicles on the road.
We will also be deploying electric vehicles for our deliveries.

Eco-friendly packaging

Besides helping our partners with sustainable packaging, we also give you the choice to opt out of plastic cutlery as you place an order.
We give you control on how much of your environment you could save.

Take a break and let Mackzan handle the rest